Biologists turn to citizens, DNA to count urban Alaska moose

…Biologists for three days last month asked Anchorage residents to call or text whenever they spotted moose. Teams of moose trackers with dart guns then hurried to the locations. The darts they fired captured DNA samples…

Illinois Innocence Project Claims Many Imprisoned Because of Flawed Forensics

TV detectives might be solving crimes easily with the help of advanced forensic testing, but two legal experts with the Illinois Innocence Project say their caseload is mounting because of flawed forensics.

DNA sheds light on settlement of Pacific

A study of ancient DNA has shed light on the epic journeys that led to the settlement of the Pacific by humans.

MyHeritage Launches DNA Quest — a Major Pro Bono Initiative for Adoptees and Their Biological Families to Find Each Other via DNA Testing

TEL AVIV, Israel & LEHI, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MyHeritage, the leading global destination for family history and DNA testing, announced today the launch of a new pro bono initiative, DNA Quest, to help adoptees and their birth families reunite through genetic testing. As part of this initiative, MyHeritage will provide 15,000 MyHeritage DNA kits, worth more than one million dollars, for free, with free shipping, to eligible participants. Participation is open to adoptees seeking to find their biological family members, and to anyone looking for a family member who was placed for adoption. Preference will be given to people who are not able to afford genetic testing. The first phase of the initiative is open to USA residents, involving adoptions that took place in the USA. Application opens today on the project website,, which includes detailed information about the initiative.

Local detectives look to new DNA technology to solve

SEATTLE – Washington investigators are turning to DNA technology to find new leads in unsolved murder cases.
At the annual meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in Seattle last week, developers from all over the nation showed off tools that promise to cut down the time it takes to solve a crime.

Dubai to DNA sequence its entire population

The city wants to record the DNA of potentially over three million residents and non-citizens.

Santa Clara County Supes Pass Sexual Assault Kit Analysis Recommendation

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Tuesday unanimously passed a recommendation from Supervisor Cindy Chavez requiring the District Attorney’s Office to bring back current information on financing needed for the county’s untested sexual assault kits.

Army Deploys Biometrics System to Iraq

Army researchers are providing a system to forces in Iraq that provides contact-free fingerprint, facial recognition and iris detection capabilities. The system has been deployed to an undisclosed location as part of a joint urgent operational need and will be assessed for about 30 days to determine if it might be used elsewhere.

International forensics lab unlocks 28-year-old Yellowknife missing person case

The breakthrough last week by police in the Northwest Territories in the 28-year-old case of a missing Inuit woman in Yellowknife was made with the help of a forensics lab in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More rape kits in Southern Nevada being tested after new law

Police have worked through a chunk of untested rape kits in less than a year since state legislators passed a law to address a massive backlog.
According to data submitted Tuesday by the Metropolitan Police Department to lawmakers, 4,750 sexual assault kits in Southern Nevada remain untested. That is down from 6,473 untested kits as of December 2014 — the most recent figure available.

DNA, crime labs and why what you see on TV dramas isn’t real life

DNA may be tiny, but it has made a big impact as a source of physical evidence in criminal cases. Crime shows like “Law and Order” and “CSI” have done a lot to educate viewers about DNA, but the actual forensic science – how DNA is used in criminal cases – is usually poorly portrayed.

Tackling Albuquerque’s Rape Kit Backlog

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, thousands of untested rape kits have never been sent for DNA analysis—a process that could, in some cases, lead to the identification of sex offenders and the discovery of serial rapists. Now, Mayor Tim Keller has signed an executive order asking Albuquerque to devise a plan to end its rape kit backlog.

Courting Change: a Fresh Take on DNA Profiling

Y chromosome profiling, important in sexual assault cases, can often be presented incorrectly in court. New math could help by taking the ambiguity out of the equation.

Ancient DNA Tells Tales of Humans’ Migratory History

Fueled by advances in analyzing DNA from the bones of ancient humans, scientists have dramatically expanded the number of samples studied­­ – revealing vast and surprising migrations and genetic mixing of populations in our prehistoric past.

Smoothing the Transition to MPS for Forensic Laboratories

Thursday, March 29, 2018
Forensic laboratories have much to consider before adopting massively parallel sequencing (MPS). In this webinar, Dr. de Knijff will discuss considerations around implementation of MPS in the forensic laboratory. View additional information below.

Time: 16:00 GMT+1
10:00am EST
09:00am CST
07:00am PST