Guidelines for Submission

  1. Email all suggestions to, accompanied by the link to your news article.
  2. All link suggestions must be relevant to the human DNA identification market.  We are always looking for news stories that are focused on the human ID industry with respect to breaking news, meetings or symposia related to human DNA identification. We are also interested in publishing news of  opportunities where our viewers can learn and are encouraged to interact in a thriving industry.
  3. All suggestions must include a link to a current online news journal or publication, but not to a corporate or private website.
  4. Include a one- or two-sentence statement regarding the value of the link to the human identification industry.
  5. Any request can be accompanied by an image in jpg format that is relevant to the story. 
  6. Include only one link per request.

We will not be able to post submissions if your request is a:

  • Repetitive news story (previously published)
  • Purely a sales pitch
  • White paper or  a link that contains other promotional content that is meant to tout the benefits of one specific product or service over another. 
  • Direct link to a product promotion
  • Direct link to a discussion forum
  • Direct link to a bulletin board.

We reserve the right to edit all submissions.

We look forward to your suggestions.