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DNA testing is radically reshaping the definition of family

In the 1970s, Robert Jenkinson was newly married with a daughter, looking for a job and in need of extra cash. He settled on sperm donation as a way to allay the last of those concerns while helping other families have children. He never could have expected that, because of DNA testing, the day would come when he would be contacted by the children he helped create. Needless to say, neither could anyone else, including the sperm banks that historically promised anonymity to donors…

Man forced to pay child support despite DNA test proving he is not the father

Sinawa says he’s currently representing himself since he’s strapped for money and cautiously awaiting the next court date. He is working to once again disestablish his paternity from the child.

Adoption and Sperm and Egg Donations Are No Longer Anonymous

For over a century parents had the option of placing a child for adoption anonymously – meaning that the child and adoptive family had little or no information about the biological parents, and few, if any, means to contact each other in the future. But the advent of widespread direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing and the creation of ‘family matching’ databases has forever torn off the seal of confidential adoptions.

Thousands of women seek their roots decades after being sold in boy-preferring rural China

An increasing number of these girls, mostly adopted in the late 1970s and early 1980s, are starting to explore their identity now. In a recent “family-seeking” activity held in Gutian county, Fujian Province early in July, many women gathered and registered their information and left blood samples for DNA tracking.

Could DNA Testing Reunite Immigrant Families? Get the Facts.

More than 2,000 immigrant children—some just toddlers—have been separated from their families and are now strewn across shelters in at least 16 states. With no clear end to the crisis, some commercial DNA testing companies are offering to help.

Man fails paternity test because of unborn twin’s DNA

dna pipetteA 34-year-old Washington man’s unborn twin caused confusion for a couple seeking the results of a paternity test.
The parents, who wish to remain unnamed, went to a fertility clinic and welcomed a healthy baby boy in June 2014. But the problems started when they realized their son didn’t have the same blood type as either parent.

New blood test can determine paternity before birth

DNA FingerprintMichigan
Pregnant women in Michigan can now use a simple blood test to identify the father of their unborn child.

Private Detective Leeds announces DNA Testing Services

human idThe detectives at Private Detective Leeds respond to a recent BBC News article: Fiancée of Killed Soldier Pte Daniel Wade Wins Paternity published 27th November by announcing DNA testing services.

Army hero’s fiancee wins DNA battle

A young mother has won her fight to prove her fiancé fathered their daughter before he was killed in Afghanistan.
Emma Hickman, 19, who was engaged to Private Daniel Wade, struggled to officially name him as the father of five-month-old Lexie-Mai because of a legal wrangle over his DNA.

Identigene Offering Free DNA Laboratory Processing to Licensed Social Workers

Identigene supports social workers and their role in helping children and families realize a better future. The Kids Deserve to be Liked program enables a social worker to provide a client with free laboratory processing for a DNA paternity test. The offer extends through December 31, 2012.

DNA testing lab Alpha introduces next day paternity testing service

A DNA testing laboratory that started in Liverpool eight years ago is offering the UK’s first next day paternity results service, which it says will attract strong international interest.

Identigene DNA Paternity Test Now Offers Option for Rush 1-Day Lab Processing

When you need answers to potentially life-changing questions, the ticking of the clock seems especially loud. Identigene, maker of the only DNA paternity test available in retail stores, now offers customers the option of 1-day rush processing. The kit can be purchased at nearly 25,000 chain drug stores and supercenters across the country. The cost for 1-day rush processing is $99.

DNA paternity, profiling, banking advocated in Nigeria

September 17, 2012 –
In Nigeria, men are encouraged to take a DNA paternity test to ensure they are the rightful father of their child and safeguard that information for future use.

Who’s your daddy? DNA clinic gives answers, sparks concerns

(Reuters) – A mobile DNA testing facility that looks more like a motor home than a medical clinic is raising questions about the ramifications of quick and easy tests to determine paternity and other biological connections

Toronto man may have 1,000 siblings through sperm donor

A Toronto man believes he may be one of hundreds of children conceived by a single sperm donor — and he’s on a mission to track down as many of his siblings as possible.