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App Developers Hope To Battle Rape Kit Backlog With NowtRKit

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A group of engineers are using their technology to help end the backlog of rape kits — with an app.

Brianna’s Law has matched more than 1,000 DNA samples to crimes

There are crimes uncommitted because of Brianna Denison.
Denison, a 19-year-old college student who was raped and murdered in Reno in 2008, became the catalyst for a Nevada law that is preventing and solving crimes.
The law passed in 2013 requires that DNA from people arrested on felony charges in Nevada be collected and entered into a database.

D.C. Crime Lab Eliminates Rape Kit Backlog

“Unlike nearly every state in this country that has hundreds to thousands of sexual assault kits that haven’t been tested and are sitting in backlog, we have no backlog here,” said Jenifer Smith, the lab’s director. “Due to efforts of our DNA unit, [which] has reduced that backlog to zero.”

He pleaded guilty to rape 40 years ago. Now he says he is innocent

Roy Watford was 18 and borderline intellectually disabled, when a Virginia judge asked him to make a decision that would go a long way to determine his future: How would he plead to the charge of raping a 12-year-old girl?
Watford contended he was innocent, but his grandfather urged him not to take the risk of going to trial. He was looking at the possibility of life in prison if convicted by a jury, while a prosecutor was offering a deal that would allow him to walk out of the courthouse without serving a day.

Hoover man named head of Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences

A nationally-recognized veteran in the field of forensic science has been named as the director of the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences.
Attorney General Steve Marshall on Wednesday announced the appointment of Angelo Della Manna. The Hoover man, currently the deputy director, will take over the agency’s top spot on Jan. 1.

State crime lab braces for impact of new DNA profiling law

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Indiana lawmakers are expecting more criminal cases solved next year.
Starting in January, suspects arrested on probable cause for any felony charge will open themselves to scrutiny in other cases, thanks to Indiana’s new DNA profiling legislation.

Father of DNA fingerprints Prof Lalji Singh passes away

VARANASI: DNA Scientist and former BHU VC Prof Lalji Singh passed away on Sunday. He was 70. He held the position of BHU VC from August 22, 2011 to August 22, 2014. He is considered to be father of DNA fingerprints, who worked in the area of molecular basis of sex determination, wildlife conservation, forensics and evolution and migration of humans.

ICMP decides to move the DNA laboratory from Sarajevo to The Hague

As political issues took the leading place in the news, another problem which makes life in BiH more complicated for citizens who are still trying to find the remains of their relatives, who they lost during the war in BiH, remained in the dark. The International Commission for Missing Persons (ICMP) was assigned to do the job but, recently, they moved the DNA laboratory from Sarajevo to The Hague, despite the disagreement of local institutions.

Iggbo and DNA Diagnostics Center Announce Partnership to Make DNA Testing More Convenient and Efficient

RICHMOND, Va., Dec. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Iggbo, a modern care coordination platform, and DNA Diagnostics Center® (DDC®), one of the world’s largest private DNA testing companies, have announced a strategic partnership to empower consumers with valuable information contained in their own DNA. Since 1995, DDC has handled over 10 million DNA samples from 168 countries, offering tests for paternity, immigration, and other family relationships; ancestry; health and beauty; forensics, and genetic traits of animals. Leveraging Iggbo’s technology, DDC can now digitally dispatch specimen collection specialists to a patient’s home, a physician’s office, or to Iggbo’s network of care locations around the country.

Scientists identify remains of 88 Argentine soldiers on Falklands

BUENOS AIRES – Forensic scientists have identified the remains of 88 Argentine soldiers buried in anonymous graves on the Falkland Islands after the country’s 1982 conflict with Britain, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Friday.

Sleuthing That Worked: How Police Finding Cat Hairs Solved This Mail Bomb Case

With all the crime shows on television showing investigators painstakingly combing through evidence, matching DNA, and uncovering unexpected clues in surprising places, it’s no wonder that jurors expect the same kind of proof at real-life trials.

Austin Police Department hires new forensic lab director

AUSTIN – The Austin Police Department’s forensic division now has a new director.
According to an internal email obtained by KVUE, Dr. Dana Kadavy starts work next week. She was previously the director at Signature Science here in Austin.

Wrongly convicted man shares holiday with detective who sought release

Craig Coley has missed a lot of Thanksgiving meals, but he won’t forget carving the turkey this year.
Coley, 70, spent the past 38 years in prison for a double murder he didn’t commit, but this year he was able to eat Thanksgiving dinner with the retired detective who spent nearly three decades attempting to prove his innocence.

How police solved ‘legless body in suitcase’ murder

SINGAPORE – When a legless body wrapped in black trash bags turned up in a suitcase in Syed Alwi Road in 2014, forensics officers worked through the night to examine the evidence.
“We had to transport the bags back to our office very carefully,” said senior crime scene specialist Geraldine Ng, 30. “Any print that we found on the trash bags could give us an idea as to who was possibly the person who wrapped the body,” she added.

$75 million crime lab plan in Wauwatosa moving forward

The state of Wisconsin and Wangard Partners are moving forward with a new Southeast Wisconsin Law Enforcement Facility at a former beer distribution warehouse in Wauwatosa.
The development team has submitted a conditional use application for the $75 million crime lab project, which includes a three-story, 150,000-square-foot facility.
The new “state of the art” building, at 1400 N. 113th St., will house a forensic science laboratory, replacing the Milwaukee Crime Lab at 1578 S. 11th St., and a regional training center.