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New Study Found DNA Inherited From Neanderthals Increases the Risk of Suffering Severe COVID-19

oA new study has identified that the stretch of DNA that may be linked to COVID-19 was passed down from the Neanderthals 60,000 years ago. However, they still do not know the reasn why this particular segment increases the risk of having severe illness from the coronavirus.

He went missing decades ago. DNA helped police ID the body of Dwight Michael Gordon last month.

Investigators used DNA evidence to identify the remains of a Winston-Salem man who was reported missing nearly 34 years ago, authorities said Monday.
On July 24, 1986, Dwight Michael Gordon’s family reported him missing to the Winston-Salem Police Department, police said in a statement. Gordon was 37 and had been living on Washington Avenue.

Illinois sees more than 30-percent reduction in state forensic backlog

On Wednesday, July 1 Illinois State Police (ISP) Director Brendan Kelly announced the State has achieved a 33-percent overall reduction in its biology and forensic DNA backlog.
Forensic backlogs are a challenge faced by crime laboratories across the country, explained Kelly. He said the state of Illinois is not exempt.