Daily Archives: December 12, 2019

51 bodies still in refrigerated trailers in Abaco some three months after the storm

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The government has released the remains of some of the people killed during the passage of Hurricane Dorian to their families, Health minister Dr Duane Sands confirmed today.

Could ground breaking DNA technique solve bizarre Sherri Papini kidnap case?

A forensic specialist believes one of the world’s most high-profile unsolved abduction cases could be solved using the same DNA technology used to identify the elusive Golden State Killer.
Three years after “supermum” Sherri Papini was kidnapped while jogging near her home in Redding, Northern California, local authorities are no closer to an arrest.

How to Store Data in Everyday Objects: DNA

ETH Zurich researchers and an Israeli scientist have discovered a new method for turning nearly any object into a data storage unit. This makes it possible to save extensive data in, say, shirt buttons, water bottles or even the lenses of glasses, and then retrieve it years later. The technique also allows users to hide information and store it for later generations. It uses DNA as the storage medium.