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Forensic DNA Evidence Helps To Catch Rapists in Somalia for the First Time in History

It is a big moment in Somalia’s history as a court in Garowe today used forensic DNA evidence to convict three men accused of the rape and murder of 12 year old Aisha Ilyas. This is the first time forensic DNA evidence is being used to land a conviction in Somalia.

CSI Perth: Inside WA’s top-secret crime fighting forensic lab

It’s the top-secret facility that’s set to become the new epicentre of where some of WA’s most horrendous crimes and cold cases will be solved.
We can’t tell readers where it is, but WAtoday and Nine News Perth were given rare and exclusive access to the new, high-tech PathWest forensic science lab

How Much Does DNA Change Our Life Story?

Until 2016, when my father’s doctor told us he was dying of pancreatic cancer. With the internet’s capacity for ancestral research and the boom in DNA testing, my sisters and I decided it was time to give my father the gift of genomic closure.

Two men from Texas wrongfully convicted of stabbing a man to death declared innocent after 19 years

After nearly two decades of being wrongfully convicted, two men from Texas are finally seeing their day in the sun. Stanley Mozee and Dennis Lee Allen have been declared “actually innocent” as of May 11, 2019 after being wrongfully convicted of murder in 2000. Although there was no physical evidence that connected them to the murder, they were still convicted and sentenced to a life imprisonment.

Family of executed man seeks to have DNA in case tested

April Alley watched as her father was executed by lethal injection in 2006 for raping and murdering a 19-year-old Marine in 1985.
Now, she is fighting to find out if her father, Sedley Alley, committed the crime. She has petitioned Shelby County Criminal Court to test the DNA evidence in the case. The petition for post-conviction testing of the DNA was filed April 30.
The case is a first of its kind, using DNA evidence in an attempt to clear someone already executed.

Sebastopol grandmother among world’s best at cracking cold cases through forensic genealogy

The press conference to announce the solving of a 37-year-old cold case murder took place Tuesday at the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office in Reno, Nevada.
The optics were arresting: Standing amid imposing law enforcement officials were a pair of unassuming elderly women — “two little old ladies,” wisecracked one of them, Colleen Fitzpatrick. The other was white-haired, wire-rimmed, 72-year-old Margaret Press who made the four-hour drive from her home in Sebastopol the day before.