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Indiana police say 47-year-old murder of college student Pamela Milam solved

“It’s been a long 46 years, seven months and 20 days,” Milam’s sister, Charlene Sanford, said during a news conference Monday. “Many of us, as we got older, thought we would die before we ever learned who killed our sister.”

5 years after rape kit backlog controversy, Salt Lake police celebrate ‘huge strides’

SALT LAKE CITY — Nearly five years have gone by since the state of Utah and Salt Lake City made headlines for a backlog of hundreds of untested rape kits.
Now, after laws were passed at the state and city level to address the backlog, Salt Lake police are celebrating a cultural shift in how sexual assault reports are treated — and that their work has resulted in the identification of more than 100 suspects from the backlog.

DNA Reveals Ancient Mass Grave Of Massacred Women And Children Were From Same Family

In 2011, archaeologists working in Poland made a grizzly discovery. A mass grave of 15 individuals—mostly women and children—that had been executed during a massacre. Scientists have now discovered that these 5,000-year-old murder victims were part of the same, extended family—and had been buried with great care, with mothers placed next to their children, and siblings by each others side.

Blackfeet man’s DNA oldest found in Americas, testing company says

For Crawford, the company traced his line back 55 generations with a 99 percent accuracy rate. That’s rare because the ancestry often is clouded that far back, according to the company.
It was, they told him, like finding Bigfoot, it was so unlikely.

Senators Dianne Feinstein and John Cornyn Announce Debbie Smith Act Reauthorization Bill to Fight Nationwide Rape Kit Backlog Passes Committee

May 7, 2019 – Washington – Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and John Cornyn (R-Texas) released the following statements after the Debbie Smith Act of 2019 passed out of the Senate Dianne FeinsteinJudiciary Committee:

DNA tests, dogged detectives credited with solving 1988 case

“The people who have been working this thing are unbelievable,” Joe Ryan said. “They have gone all out, and all out for a long time. And they don’t give up.”
The cold case squad in Greenville has made arrests in three old cases in the past year. The first two were cracked with DNA results from family genealogy sites.

DNA Detectives: Scientists combining forensics with genealogy break ‘unsolvable’ cases

(InvestigateTV) – Thanks to a breakthrough in how DNA is used, more than 1,000 collective years worth of cold cases across the U.S. have been solved in just the last nine months.
Police are teaming up with genealogists to track killers through their blood lines.