Daily Archives: January 15, 2019

Mitochondrial DNA can be inherited from fathers, not just mothers

A tenet of elementary biology is that mitochondria — the cell’s powerhouses — and their DNA are inherited exclusively from mothers. A provocative study suggests that fathers also occasionally contribute.

DNA processing carried out by DHS S&T for FBI, intel agencies

Comparing an unknown DNA genetic sequence against a known sequence may not create a one-to-one match,” but, “if sufficient human DNA is sequenced at specific marker locations, a DNA profile for the unknown sample could be generated and then used to identify a relationship to known DNA profiles,” including profiles of terrorists, especially terrorists who have been involved in biological and other weapons of mass destruction development or handling; terrorists involved in any sort of bomb-making, or foreign intelligence operatives who’ve left DNA during classified intelligence or covert military operations, according to sources familiar with how the Top Secret program is being used.

After Skakel decision, ‘touch DNA’ may identify Moxley killer

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court denied the state’s motion to review the Connecticut Supreme Court’s decision last May to vacate Michael Skakel’s conviction for the murder of Martha Moxley. As a result, the state faces a difficult choice — whether to try him again, knowing that, in view of the disappearance of some critical evidence, death of some key witnesses and discovery of some exculpatory evidence since his trial in 2002, there would be a low likelihood of a conviction, or accept dismissal of the charges against him.