Daily Archives: January 10, 2019

Man Cleared Of Charges In Bossier After 37 Years In Prison

Given the new DNA evidence plus the weaknesses of the evidence used to convict Prudholm, the Bossier Parish District Attorney’s office and Prudholm agreeded to Alford plea, allowing him to maintain his innocence in exchange for immediate release.

What Is Life? UT Researchers Are Building A Database To Describe It.

Their massive database of DNA “patterns” will eventually help scientists better identify life on other planets.

New job, system approved to track New Hampshire rape kits

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire will implement a new system to keep track of evidence in sexual assault cases after finding that nearly 600 rape kits had not been submitted to the state crime lab.

Phoenix PD Give Details On Sex Assault Investigation At Hacienda

In a statement on Tuesday, Hacienda said it welcomed the development in the ongoing police investigation. The company said that they themselves had consulted attorneys to determine whether it would be legal for them to compel employees to undergo DNA testing or whether they could conduct voluntary DNA testing of their employees.
“We were told it would be a violation of federal law in either instance,” the company said in a statement.

DA’s office reviews conviction of man who murdered Exeter woman

The 1975 murder conviction of Oscar Clifton will stand after new DNA evidence prompted a review of the case by the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office.

DJ who murdered woman caught after crime scene DNA linked to ancestry database

DNA from the murder scene was kept in storage over the years and it was recently uploaded to a public genealogy database and compared against submitted samples.