Daily Archives: January 7, 2019

Ancient DNA from Viking Graves Proves the Fierce Fighters Rode Male Horses

Vikings who settled in Iceland more than 1,000 years ago valued their horses so much that the men were buried with their trusty steeds. And DNA analysis of these treasured animals recently proved that the horses consigned to the grave with their manly owners were males, too.

A cigarette butt and an old scrap of paper led to an arrest in a 26-year-old unsolved killing

Police feverishly sought the identity of the man at the bar, to no avail. But what they didn’t know, at least not for 25 years, was that they already had his name: It was buried in the fine print in their case file, a little footnote jotted down like an afterthought.

Project will map genetic make-up of Armenian community

Members of the Armenian community have been asked to provide DNA samples on Sunday after a Christmas church service in Nicosia for research that aims to map the genetic background of the Cypriot population.
Armenians celebrate Christmas on January 6 and the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (Cing) – which is carrying out the research – has chosen this date as the most suitable for the DNA collection since it the church was expected to see a bigger turnout than usual.
Members of the Armenian community over the age of 18 who were born in Cyprus and who would like to participate in the project, will give saliva samples after the liturgy.

Fingerprints to convicts: ACME tracks down the enemy

ACME is the only forensic operating lab in theater providing critical analysis to identify force protection threats and enable host nation criminal prosecutions.
The technicians and scientists within the lab specialize in capturing DNA, fingerprints and weapons technical inspection evidence to help defeat IED networks.

Strengthening forensics

Researchers are pushing the boundaries of infrared forensics with promising results for criminal and anti-terrorism investigators