Daily Archives: December 27, 2018

Five Amazing Things We Learned About History From Ancient DNA In 2018

FORBES-Every year ancient DNA research deepens our understanding of history a bit more, and 2018 was truly a remarkable year for ancient DNA research. By February the total number of genomes characterized from ancient individuals surpassed 1,300. I want to highlight five of what I think are the most interesting discoveries made this year, although I had to cheat a bit by grouping multiple papers together under each topic.

Photos And DNA Tests As Indonesians Search For Lost Relatives

CARITA, INDONESIA: Grief-stricken Indonesians queued with photos or waited on DNA tests Wednesday, to find out if their missing loved ones were among bodies being held in a hospital morgue after a devastating tsunami tore families apart.

Attorney for suspect in Vanessa Marcotte murder asks judge to throw out DNA evidence

WORCESTER — Citing language barrier issues, the attorney for the former Worcester deliveryman charged in a 2016 killing of Leominster native Vanessa Marcotte in Princeton while jogging is asking a judge to throw out DNA evidence from the case.