Daily Archives: October 3, 2018

$13.7 million forensics lab opens south Centennial Airport

Colorado-It’s been three years in the making, but the Unified Forensic Lab is finally open for business and a tour was given to the press Sept. 27 and began accepting evidence this week.
It started in January 2015 when Tony Spurlock, Douglas County Sheriff (DCSO), began discussions with the Aurora Police, the Arapahoe County Sheriff and the 18th Judicial District to combine forces or a new crime lab.
The final building, south of Centennial Airport in the Meridian Industrial Park, cost $13.7 million is 26,500 square feet with the ability to add on as needed.

North Carolina Launches Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System

The North Carolina sexual assault tracking system launches Monday. It allows victims of sexual assaults who get a forensic exam to track where their evidence is and if it’s been tested. Idaho, Arkansas and a few other states have similar systems.
It’s been somewhat of a mystery for sexual assault survivors to find out what happened to their sexual assault evidence kits and where they ended up. The shoe box size container full of DNA evidence can take hours to collect, and in some cases, can be vital to identifying a perpetrator.

LGC Genomics Division Rebrands as LGC Biosearch Technologies, Focuses on Nucleic Acid Offering

“We are still LGC, and what we’re doing is launching a portfolio brand, which is representative of our entire genomic division portfolio,” Dearden explained. “LGC Biosearch Technologies is an umbrella brand that brings together the collection of our legacy brands and products we have in our genomic division.”

Predictive Technology Group Acquires DNA, Ancestry Assets From Taueret Laboratories

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Salt Lake City-based biotech holding corporation Predictive Technology Group announced today that it has acquired DNA and ancestry assets from Taueret Laboratories.
Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

DNA evidence links Muhammad Ali to heroic slave, family says

When Cassius Clay joined the Nation of Islam in 1964 and changed his name to Muhammad Ali he had a straightforward explanation. “Why should I keep my white slavemaster’s name visible and my black ancestors invisible, unknown, unhonored?” Ali asked.
Then, it was more of an abstract concept, a statement against white oppression; Ali did not know much, if anything, about his ancestors or his own family tree. Decades later, though, Ali’s family has made a discovery that appears to shed new light on the boxer’s lineage — where he came from, and also his place American history. Ali, according to his family’s research, is the great-great-great grandson of Archer Alexander, a slave who heroically fought both for his own freedom and against slavery.

New DNA test a ‘eureka moment’ in revealing who is behind a crime

Criminals who naturally shed more DNA than others could be linked to a crime scene with greater accuracy, following the advent of a new DNA test developed by Australian researchers.
The test, which involves the use of a binding dye, allows investigators to determine where DNA evidence has been left behind at a crime scene, potentially cutting the cost of expensive forensic laboratory testing and dramatically reducing the time it takes to identify a DNA profile.

45 years after a Sperry woman’s violent death, DNA testing has investigators seeking Tulsa man

Tulsa County investigators have made a major breakthrough in the 45-year-old cold-case homicide of a Sperry woman who was found dead in a field north of Tulsa.
Using newly tested DNA evidence, the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office’s Cold Case Task Force reportedly has linked a suspect to the 1973 homicide of Veda Woodson. Investigators are now seeking 78-year-old Stanley Clabough, who is believed to live in the Tulsa area.

OKC’s DNA Solutions puts forensic science expertise to work identifying criminal suspects, victims

Welcome to another intriguing episode of CSI — Oklahoma City, where DNA crime scene evidence from all over the world is brought to Oklahoma City-based DNA Solutions for its forensic science expertise.