Under the Microscope – Lynndsey Simon

Current extraction methods employed by the Columbus Police Forensic Services Center use incubation times that can exceed two hours and require subsequent purification on robotic instrumentation. Promega’s Casework Direct kit allows for the rapid processing of casework samples with no subsequent purification of the lysate required prior to STR amplification.

In her presentation at ISHI, Lynndsey Simon (Columbus Police Forensic Services Center) will describe how her lab is using the Casework Direct Kit to shorten processing times for casework samples and why they’re considering using the kit as the main extraction method for all samples (excluding hairs).

We sat down with Lynndsey and asked her how the Casework Direct Kit has changed her lab’s procedure when processing casework samples, how this has helped to reduce the lab’s backlog, and what she feels are the biggest challenges that forensic laboratories are facing today.