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She Helped Crack the Golden State Killer Case. Here’s What She’s Going to Do Next.

Ms. Rae-Venter is the newest character to emerge in the Golden State Killer investigation, which has since inspired others skilled at solving family history puzzles to offer their services to law enforcement. While this has resulted in at least eight arrests over the past four months, not everyone in the genealogical community is so comfortable with the alliance.

Nestle Wants Your DNA

The company that brought you milk chocolate, Maggi instant noodles and Rocky Road ice cream is worried about your health.

How a DNA test 30 years later silenced murder convict Timothy Vail’s bid for freedom

Thirty years after the rape and murder of a Binghamton woman, the defense for her convicted killer Timothy Vail asked for key evidence to be tested for DNA, which hadn’t been done when the case went to trial. This report is based off recently released court papers, interviews, and trial records.

Meet the scientists behind the headlines at ISHI 29

Don’t miss ISHI 29 the world’s biggest forensic science symposium. It’s happening this September in Phoenix, Arizona.

Inside the groundbreaking science used to identify 9/11 remains

The north tower was already billowing smoke when Mark Desire, then a 33-year-old criminalist with the city Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, made it to Ground Zero to assess the dead.
Instead, he nearly joined them.