Under the Microscope – Julie Valentine

A collaborative database was created in Utah to link data on sexual assault kits (SAKs) from evidence collection through submission to the state crime laboratory and DNA analysis. To date, approximately 250 variables per sexual assault kit have been coded on 4,038 cases from 2010 to 2016 throughout Utah. Due to the large amount of data, multiple research studies are being conducted utilizing the database.
In their presentation at ISHI, Julie Valentine (Assistant Professor at Brigham Young University and Forensic Nurse at SANE-A Wasatch Forensic Nurses) and Suzanne Miles (Forensic Scientist Manager in the Serology Section at the Utah Dept. of Public Safety) will share information on the DNA analysis findings from the 4,038 SAKs that were submitted for testing from 2010 to 2016 to inform practice for both forensic nursing/medical providers and forensic scientists.
We sat down with Julie and asked her how the database was created, if any surprises arose when analyzing the data, and what her tips are for those getting started in forensics.