Daily Archives: July 31, 2018

After three decades in prison, man welcomed home after sentence commuted

Thirty-six years and ten days, that’s how long Rodney Lincoln was in prison before his sentence was commuted for a crime he still says he never committed.

Police probing whether suspect in NYC murder killed others

Officials are using DNA testing to determine whether Drayton’s DNA turns up in forensic evidence collected from any unsolved homicides.

The perfectly-preserved skeleton and the body hanging from a purple scarf

Australia- Forensic specialists have shed light on two mysterious cases they have never been able to solve – one involving an almost perfectly preserved skeleton and another body found hanging from a purple scarf as a noose.

Canada using DNA, ancestry websites to investigate migrants

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canadian immigration officials are using DNA testing and ancestry websites to try to establish the nationality of migrants, the Canada Border Services Agency said on Friday.
CBSA spokesman Jayden Robertson said the agency uses DNA testing to determine identity of “longer-term detainees” when other techniques have been exhausted.

VFW urges families of MIA servicemembers to provide DNA samples

WASHINGTON (KCTV) -The national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is asking the families of those who went missing during the Korean and Cold Wars to submit DNA in the hopes of identifying the remains North Korea turned over to the U.S. recently.

Judge Halts All DNA Testing in the Capital Murder of Eric Torrez for All 5 Defendants

Judge Weatherby allowed attorneys for all the defendants to address the court. At issue is that of the 50 or so pieces of physical evidence needing to be tested, some 8 to 10 of those pieces don’t have enough material to test more than once and attorneys for each of the five defendants said they wanted to conduct separate testing on the evidence.