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BYU family history students helping the Army identify remains of missing soldiers with DNA testing

One mother continued setting a place at the dinner table every night for her son — just in case.
Not every family of the 82,000 American soldiers who have gone missing in wars since World War II will get answers, but a group at Brigham Young University is hoping to help some of them learn what happened to their loved ones.

Modern forensics lead Brazos County authorities to executed murderer as likely killer of Virginia Freeman

“The solving of this cold case, after 37 years of investigating, brings relief and closure for the Freeman family, Virginia’s friends, the local real estate industry and our community,” Kirk said Monday.

Could DNA Testing Reunite Immigrant Families? Get the Facts.

More than 2,000 immigrant children—some just toddlers—have been separated from their families and are now strewn across shelters in at least 16 states. With no clear end to the crisis, some commercial DNA testing companies are offering to help.

68 years after the Korean War, hundreds of US families are still searching for closure

The Korean War broke out 68 years ago this month, when North Korean tanks and troops crossed the 38th parallel on June 25, 1950, as part of an “all out offensive” against South Korea.
The remains of thousands of US soldiers are still in North Korea, despite decades of effort by families and the US military to repatriate them.

The city of kidnapped children

THE sister of a girl snatched in one of Australia’s most baffling unsolved child abduction cases is calling for all evidence in long-term missing children cases to be urgently retested for DNA.
Joanne Ratcliffe, 11, and Kirste Gordon, 4, were snatched from the grounds of Adelaide Oval in broad daylight during a football match attended by thousands of people on August 25, 1973.