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Skeletons From WWII Mass Grave In Italy Identified Through Forensic DNA Testing

On March 24, 1944, Nazi soldiers slaughtered 335 Italian political prisoners and civilians in Rome, tossing them into a mass grave known as the Fosse Ardeatine. Months after the retaliatory massacre, 323 of the bodies were identified by a forensic medical team. The remaining dozen skeletons were disinterred more than 65 years later for forensic DNA testing in an attempt to identify the unknown people in this WWII mass grave.

DNA ancestry tests reveal roots — maybe

SAN FRANCISCO – Curious about their roots, consumers are spending tens of millions of dollars each year getting their DNA tested and then proclaiming they are one-quarter Irish, 22 percent Scandinavian or 14 percent American Indian.
These pie charts of ethnicity make for great water-cooler conversation. But what about the science? Experts say it is still in its infancy, can reinforce stereotypes and sometimes is flat-out wrong.

Ukrainian clinic has successfully created FOUR ‘three-parent babies’ for infertile women

A clinic in Ukraine is doing the seemingly impossible and using the DNA of three different people to create babies.
Valery Zukin, director of the Nadiya Clinic, in Kiev, says the process has helped several women, who have been infertile for years, finally conceive by inserting the parents’ DNA into the egg of a donor.