Daily Archives: June 7, 2018

National forensic lab to be inaugurated today

The long-awaited National Forensic Laboratory will be inaugurated today, The New Times has established.
The facility, located in Kacyiru in the capital Kigali, cost about Rwf7 billion.

Site helps sex assault survivors track rape kits

TAYLORSVILLE — More than eight years after forensic nurses collected evidence in her sexual assault case, Alyson Ainscough found out the rape kit had not been sent to Utah’s crime lab.
“It was a kit that had sat on the shelf and fallen through the cracks,” Ainscough said. She learned the 2007 kit had been forgotten when she called to ask about its status — a conversation she believes led police to forward it for forensic analysis.
On Wednesday, public safety managers announced a new tool they hope will help prevent similar experiences for others who report sexual assaults. A recently created website allows victims to track the progress of DNA evidence in their cases much like they would follow the path of a mail delivery online.

Man Acquitted Of Rape After 25 Years In Prison To Get $10M

Anthony Wright was sentenced to life in prison in the 1991 slaying of his neighbor, Louise Talley, who was raped and repeatedly stabbed. The conviction was reversed in 2014 after DNA evidence pointed to a former crack addict who died in a South Carolina prison.

DNA study reveals fate of Irish women taken by Vikings as slaves to Iceland

The mapping of DNA from some of the settlers who colonised Iceland more than 1,000 years ago offers an insight into the fate of thousands of slaves – mostly women – who were taken by Norse Vikings from Ireland and Scotland before they put down roots on the North Atlantic island.