Daily Archives: May 23, 2018

Estimated 7,000 bodies may be buried at former asylum

STARKVILLE, MISS. Some of the boxes stacked inside anthropologist Molly Zuckerman’s laboratory contain full bones — a skull, a jaw, or a leg. Others contain only plastic bags of bone fragments that Zuckerman describes as “grit.”
These humble remains are among as many as 7,000 bodies that were buried at Mississippi’s former insane asylum, a site that’s now on the grounds of the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. Researchers are planning to exhume the bodies, create a memorial and study them for insight on how mentally ill people and other marginalized populations should be treated today.

Minnesota’s rape kit reform bill becomes law as Duluth passes a milestone on its backlog

In Minnesota’s most ambitious effort to process untested rape kits, the Duluth Police Department has eliminated its entire backlog and submitted 415 kits for laboratory testing, a step that could open the door to justice for scores of sexual assault victims.

South Florida Police Bring New Life to Cold Cases With DNA Phenotyping

On November 26, 2010, Davie Police responded to Robbins Lodge on Hiatus Road after a woman called to report she was sexually assaulted in broad daylight. Detectives collected evidence and DNA swabs, but their search on several databases showed no match. Davie Police even created one of the first ever John Doe arrest warrants hoping to locate the suspect.