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What happens to unidentified remains after case goes cold?

burial-siteIn February 2012, a Manorville man walking his dog in a wooded area near his house made a startling discovery: a human skull and other skeletal remains.
Five years later, all forensic analysts have discovered is that the remains were those of a man, likely white with brown hair and anywhere from 30 to 50 years old. His right fibula had been fractured but had healed.

Forensic DNA profiling might be about to take a big leap forward. Are we ready?

evidence-collectionPicture the scene. A detective is addressing her team:
“The DNA test results are in. We’re looking for a white male suspect, 34–37 years old, born in the summer in a temperate climate. He’s used cocaine in the past. His mother smoked, but he doesn’t. He drinks heavily, like his Dad. We’re seeing high stress levels, and looking at the air pollution markers, let’s start looking downtown, probably near a major intersection”.

DNA evidence used to link accused killer to murder victim ‘scientifically corrupt’: Defence expert

Helix3The DNA evidence used to link Mark Grant to the murder of 13-year-old Candace Derksen was not properly analyzed, according to a genetics professor.
The defence called on Dr. Bruce Budowle, of the University of North Texas Health Science Centre, who testified in the Grant retrial Monday.