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Why there’s a 5-day window to collect evidence in rape cases

Backlog of rape kitsGRAND RAPIDS, MI – When a rape survivor comes into the YWCA for help, they’re already feeling traumatized and powerless. So the first thing the specially-trained staff try to do is put that person back in control.
As they walk the survivor through each step of a sexual assault medical forensic exam – and explain how evidence is collected from their body for a rape kit – the overall goal is to empower them.

Where Traditional DNA Testing Fails, Algorithms Take Over

Helix and MagnifierLate on a hot August night in 2014, Syracuse, New York, police tried to pull over a car driving without headlights. The driver and passenger fled into a darkened park. As the officers chased them on foot, they said they heard a gunshot. The cops never caught the suspects, but recovered a loaded handgun.