Daily Archives: October 6, 2016

Milwaukee man released after serving 24 years in prison for sexual assault

DNA and justiceMILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee man who has served 24 years in prison for sexual assault and burglary of has been exonerated — and on Wednesday, October 5th, he walked out of prison.

“I did 24 and some odd years for something that I believe they knew I didn’t do it. I came in mid-20s. I’m almost 50 now. My whole life has changed. They had old-school telephones back then. Now they’ve got computers. I don’t know nothing about this!” Daryl Holloway said.

State Forensics Experts Working to Identify Remains of Migrants Near Border

AUSTIN, Texas — The landscape of South Texas can be treacherous – and for many undocumented immigrants – fatal.
So much so that the state is faced with identifying their remains, a task that is anything but clear-cut.