Daily Archives: September 14, 2016

Delaware has a new Director of Forensic Science

de-div-of-for-sciA 29-year veteran and Major with the Delaware State Police is Delaware’s new Director of Forensic Science.
John Evans was appointed by the Secretary of Safety and Homeland Security James Mosley on Monday.

Steven Avery Update: Facts About New Prosecutor Norman Gahn

averyAccording to court documents, Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Norman Gahn has been appointed to substitute Manitowoc County District Attorney Jaclyn LaBre in the homicide case. The replacement came on September 1 after LaBre cited a conflict of interest.

Police are routinely building up private DNA databases

dna-swab…Private DNA databases have multiplied as testing technology has become more sophisticated and sensitive, enabling labs to generate profiles from so-called “touch” or “trace” DNA consisting of as little as a few skin cells. Automated “Rapid DNA” machines allow police to analyze DNA right at the station in a mere 90 minutes. Some states allow “familial searching” of databases, which can identify people with samples from family members. New software can even create composite mugshots of suspects using DNA to guess at skin and eye color…