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Humanity plagued by single strain of bacteria

Yersinia PestisHistorians and scientists alike have long wondered whether the various disease pandemics that have plagued humanity since the sixth century shared a common cause.
Ancient DNA samples and historical climate patterns all pointed to the theory that a single, super-resilient germ managed to survive through the ages. But the final genetic piece in the puzzle was missing – until now.

Red Cross Collecting Samples to ID Missing From Lebanon War

navy DNABEIRUT — Habib Wehbe disappeared in 1976, in the first year of Lebanon’s 15-year civil war. He was 25 years old, young and politically engaged — a contributing writer to the Lebanese Communist Party’s flagship newspaper and a secondary school teacher in the capital’s suburbs.
Forty years later and still missing, his bereaved sisters are now providing DNA samples to the International Committee for the Red Cross as part of an initiative that the organization hopes will encourage Lebanon’s government to solve thousands of disappearances dating back to the country’s civil war.

Poster Deadline Is This Friday For ISHI!

ISHI 27Share your work by presenting a poster at the biggest symposium in DNA forensics. This year’s International Symposium on Human Identification will attract leading experts in forensics from around the world.
More than 100 scientific posters will be presented during the conference covering all aspects of DNA forensics. Abstracts from all posters are posted on the official conference web site and published in the online Proceedings after the meeting.
Poster abstracts must be submitted online by July 15.