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Register to gain a better understanding of resolving forensic casework with microbials.

Justice DeptAttendees will lean about biocrime, postmortem interval, human identification, capabilities, legal issues, and the role of the forensic scientist as applied to microbial forensics, and will gain a better understanding of evaluating the ways in which microbial forensics can resolve forensic casework and combat bioterrorism.
Register for the training on Wednesday, June 15, 1:00 PM EDT – 3:00 PM EDT

NicheVision modernizes DNA-based forensics

armedxpert_support…The company has developed radically new DNA analysis techniques that have helped solve numerous crimes and has even been featured on the television program CSI: Las Vegas…

Justice Department issues first standards for forensic expert testimony

MagnifyingGlassThe Justice Department proposed the first department-wide standards for forensic expert testimony Friday, responding to findings in 2015 that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit had overstated testimony in criminal trials for decades.