Daily Archives: February 23, 2016

Bringing up the bodies in Guatemala

Skeleton in GuatemalaIn February 2012, Edgar Hernandez walked with a team of archaeologists beneath the lush cypress forests of a military base in Coban, a city of 250,000 that sits in a high misty valley in the mountains of central Guatemala. They cleared grass from areas where the land seemed to dip, as though the soil had been disturbed decades before. Then, surrounded by soldiers, the archaeologists staked out thin exploratory trenches and began to dig.

Idaho committee unanimously backs rape kit legislation

sexual assault kitsBOISE, Idaho (AP) -Idaho lawmakers are supporting a bill that would create a statewide system of collecting and tracking the physical evidence in sexual assault investigations.
The measure ensures that medical clinics will use rape kits to collect forensic evidence after a suspected sexual assault and will have that evidence sent for DNA testing unless the victim requests otherwise.

Scientists Use Infrared Laser Heat in Nanopore Sensing to Study DNA

Heat laser and DNAA team of researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University have formulated a novel method to examine DNA molecules. Their research paper titled, “Infrared laser heating applied to nanopore sensing for DNA duplex analysis,” discusses the method for improved forensic DNA workflows to gain much faster and precise identification. The paper has been published in the Analytical Chemistry journal, and was available online from 19th February.

Oklahoma House kills mandatory DNA testing of accused felons

Justice and DNAOKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – The Oklahoma House has defeated legislation that would require persons arrested on a felony charge to submit their DNA.
The House voted 56-38 Monday against the measure. Its author, Republican Rep. Lee Denney of Cushing, kept it alive by asking members to reconsider their vote at a later date.