Craig Venter just showed how DNA can predict what you look and sound like

Blue Helix4On Monday, Dr. J. Craig Venter, regarded as one of the leading scientists of the 21st century, delivered a lecture at Washington State University. During the lecture, Venter talked about some of the most exciting projects he and colleagues are involved in. If you don’t know who Venter is, I’ll lend you a hand. He’s the pioneer who made the first synthetic life form; invested $100 million to race the government and sequence a human genome, which turned out to be his own; currently planning ‘biological teleportation’ (imagine printing life, antibiotics, whatever with a protein 3D printer, on Earth, Mars, anywhere — that’s the idea) and the recipient of countless awards. His hour-long lecture is packed with gems, wisdom and mind bending findings from science, but maybe the most groundbreaking project Verter shared had to do with using one’s genome to predict what your face must look like, or even the sound of your voice!