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Mitochondrial DNA Recovered From Alaska’s Ancient Infants

Alaska-infant-DNAFAIRBANKS, ALASKA—Archaeologist Ben Potter of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and geneticists Dennis O’Rourke and Justin Tackney of the University of Utah have analyzed mitochondrial DNA recovered from the remains of two infants found at the Upward Sun River site in Interior Alaska.
The cremated remains of a three-year-old child were also recovered at the site, but they did not yield any genetic material. “These infants are the earliest human remains in northern North America and they carry distinctly Native American lineages.

Russia is digging up a 19th century czar to solve a mystery experts say is already solved

Czar Alexander IIICzar Alexander III, a Russian imperial leader best known for his oppressive rule, died in 1894. His body currently lies in a vault in the cathedral at St. Petersburg’s Peter and Paul Fortress alongside other members of the Romanov family. Next month, Russian authorities say they will begin exhuming his body.