Daily Archives: October 19, 2015

Shroud Of Turin DNA Indicates Global Origins

Shroud of TurinThere’s a surprising new wrinkle in the story of the celebrated Shroud of Turin.
A group of Italian researchers have found that the 14-foot-long garment — believed by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, even though science has proven that’s not the case — contains DNA from plants found all over Earth.

Pressure BioSciences to work with university on “next generation” rape case kit

helix9Medtech firm Pressure BioSciences (OTCQB:PBIO) has sealed a collaborative research and development agreement with Florida International University (FIU).
The collaboration will combine the advantages of Pressure BioSciences’ (PBI’s) pressure cycling technology (PCT) platform with the forensic experience and expertise of FIU, with the aim of reducing the rape kit testing backlog.
The two will work on the development of a rape kit test method based on the PCT platform, and hope to have a commercial product available within the next 18 months.

How DC is Turning Department of Forensic Sciences Around: Part I

ScientistWASHINGTON — With new leadership, a new data management system and, soon, newly-retrained DNA technicians, the department of forensic sciences is working to solve its past mistakes.
It is a mission aided by an $8 million infusion thanks to a supplemental budget pushed through by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.