Daily Archives: October 8, 2015

Scientists’ Work on DNA Repair Earns Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Nobel PrizeSTOCKHOLM—A trio of scientists was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for describing how cells repair damaged DNA, breakthroughs that are helping to guide the development of new cancer drugs.
The prize was shared by Tomas Lindahl of Sweden, Paul Modrich of the U.S., and Aziz Sancar, a dual American and Turkish citizen.

Bucks collecting DNA from crime suspects

dna-swabIn what officials say is the nation’s first such countywide effort, Bucks County police departments announced Tuesday that they have created a database of DNA samples collected from accused or suspected criminals.

2015 August Vollmer Excellence in Forensic Science Award Winners

Vollmer AwardEach year the IACP Forensic Science Committee recognizes the significant impact forensic science has on the criminal justice system and seeks to acknowledge pioneering efforts in this field. The August Vollmer Excellence in Forensic Science Award was created to honor proactive, innovative uses of forensic technologies by law enforcement.