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Advances In Dna Testing Could Put Thousands Of Texas Cases In Legal Limbo

helix jailbarsFive days after a Houston woman was raped by two men, she was driving down the street when she spotted 16-year-old Josiah Sutton. She thought she recognized his hat, and then immediately identified him as one of her attackers. Claiming his innocence, Sutton obligingly provided investigators blood and saliva samples — but months later, in July 1999, that DNA evidence would be the linchpin in his conviction.

Parabon Receives National Geographic Grant for Snapshot™ DNA Phenotyping Project

Cyan HelixReston, Va. (Ammoland.com) – Parabon NanoLabs (Parabon) announced today receipt of a grant from the National Geographic Society Expeditions Council to fund a blind evaluation study of the company’s Snapshot™ DNA Phenotyping Service, the first law enforcement service capable of producing a composite image of a person from a DNA sample. Dr. Ellen McRae Greytak, Director of Bioinformatics at Parabon, is the Principal Investigator on the project, which is designed to measure Snapshot’s accuracy on DNA samples from volunteers whose appearance will be concealed from the Parabon Snapshot team. Dr. Bruce Budowle, Executive Director of the Institute of Applied Genetics at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, will recruit study participants and conduct the formal evaluation.

Faster DNA Testing Now Happening at City Medical Examiner’s Office

DNA AnalysisThe Office of the City Medical Examiner has been changing the way it does business since its long-time chief retired two years ago.
A new report says the lab has improved the turnaround time for many DNA tests — but not all.