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Forensics: Blood and teeth samples accurately predict a criminal’s age

diagnostics-lab-in-africaIn this recent study, a team of forensic biomedical scientists from KU Leuven, Belgium, developed a test to predict an individuals’ age based on both blood and teeth samples that accurately help the police in tracking down criminals when identifying human remains. The new technique is useful in the context of police investigations as it can help in determining unidentified body.

Most investigators unaware of right method to collect samples for forensic testing: Experts

Sheena BoraMUMBAI: Experts say the seamless application of forensics in the Sheena Bora murder case should persuade investigators to utilize the science more often and beyond such high-profile cases. A combined team of forensic science and medicine experts along with the police exhumed 86 bones from Raigad, which DNA profiling has conclusively proved to be of Sheena Bora.