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DNA helps unravel the story behind past human migrations

Cristina ValdioseraPast human migrations have always been a subject of great interest because they tell us a story of where we come from, and who we are.
Molecular archaeology or archaeogenetics, is a new field that allows you to travel back in time and directly study the DNA of humans or animals in the archaeological record.

State To Get DNA Bank

GATTACA ImageIndia- The Forensic Science Laboratory in Kalina has submitted to the state government a detailed project report for introducing DNA profiling of known criminals and suspects. Sources in the state government said the project will be implemented soon.

Italy’s Highest Court Explains Decision to Clear Amanda Knox

KnoxROME — Italy’s highest court said Monday that the case against the Seattle resident Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend — whose convictions in the 2007 murder of a British student were definitively overturned in March — was marked by “culpable omissions of investigative activity” and “contradictory evidence” that raised reasonable doubt of their guilt.