Daily Archives: September 7, 2015

Argentinian Grandmothers Are Using DNA to Track Down Stolen Children

de CarlottoIt’s been over 30 years since Argentina emerged from a military dictatorship that devolved into a “Dirty War.” But even now, reports UPI’s Andrew V. Pestano, Argentinian women whose babies were abducted under the military junta are looking for their children. And they have added a powerful tool to their quest to find the missing: DNA.

Sorenson Forensics Assists in Testing Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Stockpile in Michigan

Evidence KitSorenson Forensics, under contract by the Michigan State Police, recently helped reduce a significant stockpile of unsubmitted sexual assault evidence kits from the city of Detroit. Sorenson used advanced DNA testing to process 4,055 kits over 24 months.

Wrongfully Convicted Brothers Given $750,000 Each After Spending Over 30 Years Behind Bars

After they were wrongfully convicted for the murder of an 11-year-old girl and subsequently forced to spend over 30 years in prison, 51-year-old Henry McCollum and his 47-year-old half-brother Leon Brown have been freed and compensated for the life-changing mistake.

Police recover ‘significant’ new evidence in hunt for killers of a northern Illinois police officer

helix 10Investigators revealed Friday they found “significant” new evidence in a wooded, marshy area where a northern Illinois police officer was gunned down during a pursuit of three suspicious men.

As more people die on dangerous journeys to Europe, officials struggle to identify victims

Blue Helix4MILAN — Adal Neguse, an Eritrean immigrant whose brother drowned in a smuggler’s boat while trying to reach Italy in 2013, knows all too well what might be in store for the relatives of those dying now in similar accidents in the Mediterranean.