Daily Archives: September 2, 2015

Offutt lab helping ID remains of men killed at Pearl Harbor

Carrie BrownThe fuel-stained bones, hundreds of them, are laid out neatly on Carrie Brown’s exam tables at Offutt Air Force Base, carefully tagged and logged in her database.

New technology to help in cold case murder

phenotypeSheriff Tony Mancuso announced today the DNA of the unidentified suspect in the Sierra Bouzigard homicide was sent to a company that creates a picture and characteristic profile of the suspect from the DNA. At the time of the murder in 2009, the DNA found at the crime scene was placed in CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) but it has produced no matches.

New DNA database law seeks to prevent, solve crimes

crime scene2TEXAS-A new state bill going into effect today expands the state’s CODIS DNA database.