Daily Archives: June 28, 2015

State requires DNA tests, but who pays what?

DNA CollectorSTEVENS POINT – People found guilty of crimes in Wisconsin must pay to have their DNA collected — but ambiguous wording in the law may mean they’re not all paying the same amount.

Why Are 137 Rape Kits Untested In El Cajon?

Rape KitsJune 25, 2015 (El Cajon) – Nationwide, over 400,000 rape kits have never been tested, including many right here in our region. Yet testing every rape kit can produce undeniably dramatic results.

How Anthony Graves Went from Death Row to Overseeing the Houston Crime Lab

Anthony GravesA few weeks ago, Anthony Graves began hearing rumors that he was under consideration for a spot on the Houston Forensic Science Center’s board of directors — a post that would put him in a position to help the city prevent wrongful convictions.

New unit specializes in cold case investigations

helix 7Dr. Guy Vallaro and a team of scientists at the CT State Forensic Science Lab are hoping to reinvigorate cold case investigations with a new unit that focuses on re-examining DNA, firearms, fingerprints and computer evidence to generate new leads.