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Sen. Gardner pushes for audit of state crime lab, cites rape kit backlog and abuse allegations

DNA LabANCHORAGE – The Legislative Budget and Audit Committee approved a request for an audit of the state’s crime lab Thursday.
Sen. Berta Gardner requested the audit after she and her staff received calls regarding the Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory in Anchorage, which processes nearly all of Alaska’s rape kits. The lab was at the center of Gardner’s bill, Senate Bill 54, which seeks answers to questions regarding the possible backlog in rape kits.

Improve your court testimony by learning to look at DNA technologies from a legal perspective.

Justice DeptIn this NIJ-sponsored webinar hosted by the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence, Ted Hunt, a chief trial attorney in the prosecuting attorney’s office in Kansas City, Missouri, describes current issues prosecutors face when presenting forensics evidence in court and legal challenges that must be considered in order for the law and DNA forensic science to be in accord. This webinar includes a discussion of advanced DNA analysis technologies, the potential admissibility challenges to next generation technologies and why an interdisciplinary approach and preparation are necessary when implementing next generation sequencing technologies

Webinar: Understanding Massively Parallel Sequencing for DNA Analysis

JJustice Deptoin us on May 20 at 1pm EST for the first webinar, Understanding the Basic Technology, to learn about MPS platforms — the Ion PGM™ and MiSeq™ systems — and their chemistries, including sample and library preparation. Discussion will focus on platform features so forensic scientists can be better informed when making decisions about this new technology.