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Parabon Nanolabs and DNA Phenotyping

Faces_Of_Litter1Just last week, a rather remarkable bit of news came out which was not widely reported but certainly unprecedented. One of the largest marketing communication firms in the world, Ogilvy & Mather, initiated a marketing campaign in Hong Kong called “The Face of Litter”. Using the “Snapshot” DNA phenotyping services of a company called Parabon Nanolabs, Ogilvy collected litter from the streets and using DNA obtained from the litter, created profiles of the offenders as seen below:

Scientists in India to test DNA of Ancient Skeletons to Determine if they are Ahom Royals

Raja PalaceScientists in India will compare DNA from the bones of six 700-year-old skeletons to the DNA of living descendants of the Ahom royals to see if the old bones belong to the ancestors of the Ahom royal family or to looters who died while plundering the tombs at the famous Charaideo Maidam site in Assam, the burial site of kings and queens of the Ahom kingdom.