Daily Archives: November 3, 2014

New View of King Tutankhamun Sparks Debate

AkhenatenA new “virtual autopsy” of Egypt’s King Tutankhamun portrays him as a broad-hipped, big-breasted, weak-boned pharaoh who died in his teens due to congenital problems brought on by incest — but that depiction has some Egyptian archaeologists complaining that the boy-king is being slandered 3,300 years after his death.

The revised view of King Tut, including a virtual reconstruction of his face and body, is the centerpiece of a TV documentary that aired Sunday on the Smithsonian Channel in the United States. Viewers can find the next scheduled broadcast at the Smithsonian Channel’s website.

New DNA analysis could provide complete description of a suspect

Scientists at BattelleWhen DNA evidence began appearing in U.S. courtrooms in the late 1980s, it was heralded as the greatest leap forward in criminal investigation since fingerprinting. In the following decades, its analysis has helped identify and incarcerate the guilty as well as exonerate and free the innocent.