Daily Archives: October 22, 2014

DNA analysis gives 11 bodies a name and family history in WWI reburial

Commonwealth War Graves CommissionBOIS-GRENIER, France (AP) — Eleven British casualties of World War I who got a name and family history through cutting-edge DNA research have been officially reburied with some of their descendants in attendance.

DNA yields secrets of human pioneer

Universal ManUniversal human: This reconstruction is of a different modern human from Romania 43,000 years ago. But it gives some clues to what the Siberian man may have looked like. This population was not long out of Africa and genetically midway between Europeans and Asians.

NIJ Sponsored Event: Live Two-Day Seminar on Cold Case Investigations

Justice DeptThe Forensic Technology Center of Excellence will be hosting a free two-day online seminar on The Science, Law and Politics of Cold Case Investigations on October 30-31 in order to answer critical questions about cold cases and what it takes to resolve them.

Missouri Southern opens new DNA lab

dna12Missouri Southern State University cut the ribbon Tuesday on a new DNA laboratory that features cutting-edge technology for the students and local businesses who will be able to use it.