Daily Archives: October 4, 2014

New data emerges on rape kit backlogs in four U.S. cities

sexual assault kitsNEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Thousands of rape kits remain untested in four major U.S. cities, according to new data on rape kit backlogs released on Friday by the Joyful Heart Foundation.

South Korea builds DNA database to find relatives in North after unification

Hong Nam SoonHong Nam-soon, 84, holds a photo showing her younger sister, who went missing during the early days of the Korean War. Hong hopes a new genetic testing program for South Koreans separated from family members in the North during the Korean War will help her find her sister. Officials say DNA material collected from some 1,200 elderly South Koreans this year may help their descendants — and the descendants of their North Korean relatives — someday find each other.

Ancient Oregon caves hold more clues to early human DNA in the Americas

Altamira CavesPORTLAND, Oct 4 — A network of caves in rural Oregon may be the oldest site of human habitation in the Americas, suggesting an ancient human population reached what is now the United States at the end of the last Ice Age, Oregon officials said yesterday.

Over 5,000 rape kits tested as part of special initative

State of OhioOhio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Friday that forensic scientists with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) have tested more than 5,000 sexual assault kits as part of a special initiative to test rape kits that had never before been tested for DNA.