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Houston Forensic Science Center awarded $1.26 million grant

sole DNAThe Houston Forensic Science Center (HFSC) has been awarded a $1.26 million grant from the National Institute of Justice that will be used in part to buy additional DNA analyzing equipment. This equipment will enhance the Center’s capabilities, allowing it to process evidence more quickly and efficiently.
The money will also be used to train staff on the latest trends and technology in the field.

1,050 cases pending at forensic sciences lab

forensic analysisIndia- The regional forensic sciences lab at Pune has over 1,050 cases of forensic examination pending, with over 850 of them of biological analysis, in spite of the recent “clearance of the backlog”. Police have questioned the delays, saying this hampers investigation.

Inside Michigan State Police Biometrics and Identification Division: Facial recognition and fingerprint identification

dna12LANSING, Mich. – A state-of-the-art division of the Michigan State Police is designed to locate evidence in some of the state’s most complex criminal investigations.
Some cases are open-and-shut and solved within a matter of hours or days. But others take time, months or even years, and require MSP technology to find the evidence needed for an arrest.
FOX 17 was recently granted unprecedented access to these labs and facilities.

Cuyahoga County touts expanded forensic capabilities at regional crime lab

helix 7CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cuyahoga County officials today showed off their expanded regional crime lab, a project more than 14 years in the making.

Senator vows to expand DNA testing in innocence claims

justice and DNA2Arguing that the state’s highest criminal court watered down a law designed to free innocent people from prison, a state senator vowed Wednesday to introduce, and pass, legislation allowing for expanded DNA testing of crime-scene evidence.
Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-Houston, said a February ruling by the Court of Criminal Appeals interpreted the 2011 law too narrowly, “making it difficult for folks to secure DNA testing that can prove their innocence and identify actual perpetrators.”

Kent County cold case team receives $188K federal grant

Kent CoKENT COUNTY, MI – The Kent Metro Cold Case Team was awarded an $188,402 federal grant this week.
The 24-month award from the National Institute of Justice, titled “Solving Cold Cases with DNA,” will fund cold case homicide investigations that might be solved through DNA analysis, according to a release from the group.

Police say DNA database will help solve crimes

GATCCHRIS UHLMANN: New South Wales Police have taken DNA from hundreds of former offenders this year – even though they’re not suspected of any crime.
It’s the beginning of a plan to take a further 2,000 samples in the coming 12 months.

FBI seeks to add Rapid DNA to biometric database

NGI-logoThis week, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation announced a plan to accelerate the collection of DNA profiles for the government’s massive new biometric identification database.