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Thousands still missing since Bosnian War

bosnia1Although the war ended almost 20 years ago in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are still more than 8 000 missing persons. Since the end of the war, 22 000 persons have been exhumed and identified to this date.

Assembly bill aims to facilitate the use of DNA to exonerate the wrongfully convicted

MainorA bill sponsored by assemblymen Charles Mainor (D-Hudson) and Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) aimed at making it easier for the wrongfully convicted to be exonerated using DNA evidence has been approved by an assembly panel.
Mainor noted the recent case of North Carolina half-brothers released after serving 13 years in prison for a crime they did not commit.

Congress sends Obama bill to cut big backlog of analyzing DNA evidence in rape cases

DNA imageWASHINGTON — Congress sent President Barack Obama legislation Thursday renewing a soon to expire program that helps local governments cut their backlogs of unexamined DNA evidence in rape cases.
The program provides federal grants to state and local law enforcement agencies so they can speed their analyses of untested evidence kits. Experts say many thousands of such kits are languishing in communities around the country, including some that are many years old.