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Researchers Develop Improved Means Of Detecting Mismatched DNA

johns-hopkinsBaltimore, MD (Scicasts) — Researchers at Johns Hopkins have identified a highly sensitive means of analyzing very tiny amounts of DNA. The discovery, they say, could increase the ability of forensic scientists to match genetic material in some criminal investigations. It could also prevent the need for a painful, invasive test given to transplant patients at risk of rejecting their donor organs and replace it with a blood test that reveals traces of donor DNA.

UNT’s Budowle describes investigation of bacterial, viral attacks

Bruce“I assume you’re all here because you’re budding bioterrorists.”
Despite beginning his presentation with a bit of levity, Bruce Budowle, Ph.D., executive director of the Institute of Applied Genetics at the University of North Texas, discussed the grave and emerging threat of bioterrorism Monday morning.

Thief Gets 40 Years To Life In Prison After DNA Links Him To 2 Rapes

GATCSANTA ANA (CBSLA.com) — A thief who was linked by DNA to two rapes in 2004 was sentenced Wednesday to 40 years to life in prison.
Kevin Lawrence Saint John, 45, was initially arrested in Riverside on suspicion of receiving stolen property. While in custody, authorities took his DNA and came up a match to two, decade-old rapes, police said.

European Ancestors Hailed from Three Different Groups

european-skullThe modern European gene pool is likely a bit confused now, with international travel spreading people far and wide. However, in the case of native Europeans whose family never left the continent, it has been found that they likely boast a cocktail of genetic information from three distinct “tribes” of ancestors.

TrueAllele Used in New York Court for the First Time

DNA in BluePITTSBURGH-Cybergenetics TrueAllele® Casework made its first appearance in a New York courtroom last week, interpreting by computer DNA mixture evidence that had eluded manual forensic analysis.
Serial rapist Casey Wilson left his DNA on a glove, along with DNA from victims. The NYS police crime lab developed a DNA profile from the glove. However, the mixture data was too complex for them to make comparisons.

SLC Considers Funding Own Crime Lab for Processing Rape Kits

rapekitAt a Salt Lake City Council work session council members kicked off a discussion on how the city can address a backlog of unprocessed rape kits. While the state crime lab traditionally processes the Code-R kits to obtain DNA evidence of potential sexual assaults, one idea proposed at the meeting was that the city fund it’s own lab to test kits.