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Working to exonerate innocent people in American prisons

Prisons of the WorldAMERICA HAS MORE prisoners than anywhere else in the world.
Currently there are 2.2 million prisoners in America. That is 1.6 million more than in Russia, 2.1 million more than the UK and 600,000 more than China.

The Coldest of the Cold Cases: Using DNA to Identify Century-Old Remains

DNA_TestingIn a dusty, seemingly empty field 60 miles east of L.A., Dr. Alexis Gray, a forensic anthropologist from the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, points to a chain-link fence far in the distance, the mountains rising beyond in the hazy heat. “There are 7,000 people between us and that next fence there,” she says. For almost a decade, her job has been to confirm the identification of every single one of them.

Delays in DNA

GATC and tubeOver the past two decades, DNA technology has become an invaluable tool for catching the guilty and exonerating the innocent. That’s why Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine started calling for old DNA evidence in late 2011, encouraging Ohio’s 800 law enforcement agencies to clear their testable sexual-assault evidence shelves.