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The man who discovered DNA fingerprinting win’s the world’s oldest science prize

JeffreysLONDON: The man who discovered DNA fingerprinting has won the world’s oldest science prize — Royal Society’s Copley Medal.
In 1984, Prof Sir Alec Jeffreys stumbled on a method for distinguishing individuals based on their DNA. It was a discovery that went on to transform forensic science and resolve questions of identity and kinship.
He received the medal “for his pioneering work on variation and mutation in the human genome”.

North metro crime lab earns accreditation, will ramp up DNA work

CollerIt is a potent crime-fighting tool that can unmask perpetrators and unlock cold cases.
Now, law-enforcement agencies in Anoka, Sherburne and Wright counties will have some of the most direct access to DNA analysis and other forensic testing in the state.

More than 130 potential rapists identified in July through statewide testing initiative

sexual assault kitsCOLUMBUS, Ohio — State crime lab investigators found more than 130 DNA matches with potential rapists in July as part of the state’s rape kit testing initiative, the attorney general’s office announced Tuesday.