Daily Archives: July 21, 2014

Pasadena crime lab funded for another year

Helix4Although Mayor Johnny Isbell downplayed reports police officials were considering a proposal to close the Pasadena Police Crime Lab to allow the Houston Police Department to take over and run a satellite facility, several City Councilmembers spoke out against the idea during discussions related to the proposed budget for the Pasadena Crime Control and Prevention District (PCCPD) recently.

The impossible challenge of identifying bodies from MH17

Emergency workers at crashsiteReturning the 298 victims from Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 to their families with dignity and respect is a major priority for each nation involved.
Disaster victim identification is a difficult task, but will be made even more challenging in this instance given the delays in body recovery and the interference of the crash site that is said to span more than a six-mile area, including within a combat zone.

New criminal forensics laboratory rapidly rising

Louisiana For Sci CenterFormer medical student housing on Linwood Avenue, opposite Forest Park Cemetery just south of Claiborne Avenue, was demolished several years ago and now is the site for a rising North Louisiana Forensic Science Center.