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Integrating LIMS and evidence management

analyst2While the property room in a police department is usually the sole overseer of evidence, the forensic lab—located either inside or outside of the department—shares this responsibility, too. The lab performs testing and analysis of evidence, and then documents findings. Without the ability to automate its operations, a forensic lab can quickly become overwhelmed and backlogs of evidence can balloon.

New state DNA law could help wrongly convicted

DNA 8DNA collections from individuals arrested for violent crime could help solve crime and it could exonerate those wrongly convicted.

Mississippi man gets charges in 1982 Oklahoma rape

DNA and justiceNORMAN — The Cleveland County district attorney’s office has charged a suspect in a 32-year-old case of rape for which another man was wrongfully convicted and spent more than 13 years in prison.

Government plans DNA database to help find missing people

IndiaThe government told the Supreme Court on Monday that it intends to create a database of DNA profiles for the first time to locate missing persons and to identify bodies, and a Bill in this regard is in the pipeline.
The decision is significant as approximately 40,000 unidentified bodies are disposed of every year, removing every trace of their existence.
At the same time, thousands are reported missing across the country.

SC wants creation of DNA database for unidentified bodies

Justice and DNAThe Supreme Court has asked the Centre to create a road map for setting up of a DNA database to help in identification of bodies and missing persons.
The bench of justices Dipak Mishra and V Gopala Gowda asked Additional Solicitor General N K Kaul, appearing for the Centre, to impress upon the government for creation of DNA database.

Oetzi The Tyrolean Iceman’s ‘Non-Human’ DNA

OetziMuch of what we know about Öetzi – the ‘Tyrolean Iceman’ – such as what he looked like and that he suffered from lactose intolerance, stems from a tiny bone sample which allowed the decoding of his genetic make-up.
A team of scientists have examined the part of the sample consisting of non-human DNA. In the DNA mixture, they detected a sizeable presence of a particular bacterium: Treponema denticola, an opportunistic pathogen involved in the development of periodontitis. The finding supports the computer tomography based diagnosis that the Iceman suffered from periodontitis.